Deconstructing your Cravings

Because the body does not make any mistakes, when I used to eat an entire bag of flamin hot cheetos at a time, I used to think to myself “well this is weird” and question “why am I eating the whole bag?” I came to a conclusion that my body is trying to communicate with me. I want to start by saying that cravings are not a bad thing but rather, your body trying to tell you that there is an imbalance. I want to talk about the different types of cravings - number one main craving comes from dehydration. If you crave anything try drinking water and a lot of times, it takes it all away. Number two is an imbalance in primary foods. The exact same person who comes home from work/school and starts bingeing every single night will not do that if they are in a happy, healthy relationship. Will not do that if they have an excessive routine. Will not do that if they had a great day at work doing things they love with friendly, happy people. Will not do that if they have a spiritual practice. So lack of primary food causes cravings. Number three is yin and yang balance. A lot of people today live a yang lifestyle, too much pressure, too much worry about money and materialism, they crave yin things like spirituality, fresh air, relaxation. They don’t get it so they have sugar, alcohol, and junk foods. Allowing ourselves to listen to these signs are really important! Cravings are good but we need to deconstruct your cravings to discover the emotional, psychological, and physiological imbalance that’s occurring.