Going back to FL was eye opening. As I was walking alone on the same path that I used to take everyday while I was living there, I had a striking realization. I am living the “dream life” I only fantasize about while taking the same route, only 2 years later. mind. blown. It’s as if I went through a time machine and everything I manifested became true. My thoughts during that time period was fantasizing about starting Ryupure and turning it into a business, moving back to LA in a beautiful home, and being in close proximity to my family and friends.

Only when I achieve that will I be happy and fulfilled, I told myself. I am now living that reality and yet why am I chasing for more? I desperately needed that shift in perspective to realize how great I really have it. Many times I forget “what’s important” and I get wrapped up in my day-to-day habits. It feels so easy to get lost and go through the motions in my life. And somewhere along the day-to-day motions, I start to want more. I’ll be happy when I have x, y, and z. But FUCK that. I have an amazing career that fulfills me like no freaking other. I also need to be grateful for the fact that my job allows me the opportunity to travel and see the world with friends and family. I have a supportive husband who has been a mentor to me since the day we met. 2021 is going to be the year that I will live my life to the FULLEST and to stop living in fear. What exactly that means, I’m not sure. I do know it means doing the things that I want to while I can. I want to stop planning and just LIVE. I want new adventures!I feel most alive having fun and dreaming up new possibilities. I’ll be the first US citizen to be back in Italy as soon as intl. traveling is allowed. I have plans to be in Korea for an entire month in summer. I’m a type 7 in my enneagram and something that resonated with me was that I “see life as an endless buffet full of incredible possibilities”. So, that is my theme from here on out. No more planning. Being grateful for what I have right now. Seeking new adventures and having fun!