Baking saved Me

There’s something truly symbolic for me in making a time and space for baking treats from scratch. That circle of energy and space is grounding, and gives me so much peace of mind. I’m sure we all can agree that there’s just not enough time in a day sometimes. But by carving out these moments, I’ve again made my life work for me - rather than succumbing to life itself.

I’ve often been too busy to realize what living a frantic life in LA was doing to me. I remember one day that I had this strong urge to make something with my hands. I started to bake and I immediately felt this sense of coming home, that I had found something — it forces you to slow down and connect to what you are physically doing. I couldn’t text or check emails while I had dough in my hands, or aimlessly scroll through my Instagram feed when I was churning a mixture. And this was just what I needed. I knew from that day forward baking was something I wanted to incorporate into my life as a constant. Mindfulness is all about focusing on your senses and baking does exactly that. The sound of the utensils and the beeping of the oven, the feel of the dough in your hand, the smell of the brownie. If you focus on the sound, smell, and touch it’s harder to think about what happened last week or what might happen next year. Being in the present moment and focusing on one thing is when I am most alive.