I am so overwhelmed thinking about getting the opportunity to celebrate our two babies. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about the journey and wish no woman had to endure that. For nearly two years, we only wished and hoped to be where we are today. I was 1 in 8 women who struggled with unexplained infertility. I want to preface and say how utterly grateful I am to be here at this moment, pregnant with two miracles.

However, infertility does not disappear the moment you find out that you're pregnant. For the first 12 weeks I felt utterly scared and guilty and here, at 15 weeks, that feeling hasn’t left. Navigating pregnancy after infertility has come with more feelings than I had expected. In a time where it is expected we should be filled with pure bliss, I’ve realized it’s much more complicated than that. As much as it makes me happy it also makes me sad thinking of all those women like me who have been struggling and are not pregnant yet. I hope you never feel that you are not worthy or that there’s something wrong with you, which I know it’s so easy to feel that way. I want to remind you that you are doing such an amazing job navigating impossible decisions and feelings. 

Keep believing and your miracle will happen - you have to stay strong and if you need to take a break that’s okay. You are already such a strong and resilient mother.